Panamonicas (Flowers of Mars installation)

Inspired by the recent jumps in space exploration and the ever quickening technological development of western society the Flowers of Mars combines the classic forms of modern glass with the streamlined futuristic look of bio-mechanical life forms. Inspired by the depth of mirrored glass and perfect geometry of convex and concave surfaces. It is a commentary on the interdependence of humans and technology.  Designed for the entryway of Panamonicas Tavern in Tacoma, WA. These pieces were created in the fall of two thousand four at the Museum of Glass. This installation is designed to pay homage the many glass installations only to be found in down town Tacoma.

Flowers of Mars Flowers of Mars Detail 1
Flowers of Mars detail 2

The Mark

The Mark is a combination restaurant/art-space located in Olympia, WA. The front bar lit by a series of pendant lights, designed and crafted by Oliver Doriss. Fabricated around standard halogen hardware these lights can be installed in any modern fixture. The diffuser has a mottled ox-blood coloration with an acid-etched interior. The shade itself is open at the bottom casts an intimate pool of light upon the bar top.

The Mark Pendants
The Mark Pendants

The Monsoon Room

The Bamboo Sling is a centerpiece light fixture created for the Monsoon Room, a Tiki bar Located in Tacoma, WA. It consists of multi colored illuminated glass bamboo shafts suspended above a wood and paper screen. The chandelier was designed specifically to compliment the bars interior south-seas motif. The Bamboo Sling is over 4ft. long and provides illumination for the entire room.  This work successfully combines both form and function without disrupting the flow of the space.

Bamboo Sling 1 Bamboo Sling 3
Bamboo Sling 2

The Spencer

Broad open spaces, raw brick walls and a dominating view of the Manhattan skyline define The Spencer. A unique urban dwelling that is located in the up and coming Clinton Hill neighborhood. Upon entry to the West room one is greeted by this central lighting piece that subtly defines the distinctive feelings of the space. This piece, with its milky green glass and crisp blue diffusion ring, harmonizes effortlessly with the sleek interior while maintaining a personalized touch. The glowing glass enhances and adds warmth to the stainless steel and granite of the open kitchen. The West room with its rich celadon and wood tones embrace the sensuous shape and moody light emanating from this piece. Working directly with the client, these pieces were tailored specifically for this environment, blending seamlessly with the vision of The Spencer and the vision of the client.

The Spencer 2 The Spencer Light The Spencer Light Detail
The Spencer

Baby Head Cups

The Baby Head Cup, Truly a one of a kind production item. These unique hand made glasses are mold blown to resemble the sweet innocence of a baby doll. Standing 5in. tall and featuring a two-color helix decoration, they never fail to get attention. The bands of color are applied in many combinations, each pairing subtly different creating an individual look. The distinctive shape of the Baby Head Cup sits comfortably in your palm, you won’t want to put them down. Weather it is topped off with a frosty serving of milk, or your favorite single-malt these glasses are a must for the contemporary glass collector.

Baby Head Cups
Baby Head Cup 2Baby Head Cup 1

Dots n' Lines

The pieces in the Dots ‘n’ Lines series are hand blown glass vessels of the traditional style. They possess a variety of shapes, some squat 14in. wide and others soaring upwards of 24in. The works are influenced by both Italian and Scandinavian glass blowing techniques. One of the most striking aspects of these vessels is their divergent color composition; a rich peripheral hue contrasted by interior pigmentation. The distinctive (Dots ‘n’ Lines) deco developed by the artist was created through the application of vertical stripes of clear glass rods and dots. They are layered as to displace the color thereby creating a sense of depth and tonality. Each piece is as unique as a fingerprint and has a distinctive personality.

Dots n' Lines 1 Dots n' Lines Rose detail
Dots n' Lines GoldDots n' Lines Blue-YellowDots n' Lines Blue Detail

Mirror Flowers

Inspired by antique visions of the 21st century, Mirror Flowers represents a retro apparition of the future. These works feature “Jetson” rings and futuristic folds. The blossoms themselves have been mirrored utilizing a traditional process incorporating tinning techniques, and the use of silver nitrate solution. These clear flowers attain a liquid metal-chromed appearance, with each flower its own individual and unique creation. Utilizing both concave and convex faces, the blossoms create a distorted image of the viewer looking back at him or herself.

Mirror Flowers 1Mirror Flowers 2Mirror Flowers 3
Mirror Flowers 4Mirror Flowers 5